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Writing & Content Development

I was six when I got my first library card. There’s a picture of me standing afterwards in the little park next to our neighborhood library, holding a dandelion. It’s one of my favorite memories, because even now, it sums up for me the power of words to unlock wishes and open worlds.

I trace my life from that point on through words read and written: poems, letters, travel memoirs, reflections, blogs, a writing business, and now a book-in-progress.

My goal in creating Wordtree, LLC™ is to help you weave your own thread of words, whether it’s a customized resume or cover letter you need, or copy that will bring your message to life on your website, and in mailings or flyers. You may even be looking for a coach to guide you in fine-tuning your own writing skills. Whatever your need may be, my role is to meet it with a skill set honed by experience, and a passion for words that hasn’t changed since I held my first library card.


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When it comes to your business, the right words have the power to bring your vision to life and spark a connection that turns readers into clients. Wordtree, LLC specializes in helping businesses make that connection by creating meaningful and authentic copy for:

Websites, Blogs, Articles for publication, or long posts for LinkedIn, Newsletters, Press Releases, Event Recaps, All collateral marketing materials

Wordtree, LLC also offers solutions for a range of business writing needs with:

Professional LinkedIn Profile creation or revision for business owners, Revision or creation of professional C.V.’s, Website Makeover™ for a complete revamp of your existing site, Website Audit™ for a review of your current site and ten action items you can take now to enhance it, Individual and group coaching on writing skills


“We hired Marissa to rewrite the copy on our website and to write our blog posts. Not only is she an exceptionally talented writer, she has become a valuable asset. Her insight on suggested topics has kept us on track (even elevated) our vision. Marissa has given our thoughts a strong and eloquent voice! We highly recommend her for all of your content development needs.” –Tracey Piechockie, Illustrated Designs, Inc. 

I Started working with [Marissa] as my writing coach. [She] has helped me get focused, organized and learn what it takes to become a published author. Marissa is pleasant to work with with clear objectives and expectations to achieve the desired outcome.”
– Deb Zobel, Sellersville, PA

I wanted to give a big thumbs up and 5 out of 5 stars to Marissa at Wordtree. She did my cover letter and resume beautifully. She was very nice, kind, caring, and very knowledgeable of what she was doing. She got the job done so quickly and professionally within days, and I was even called for an interview for the position that she helped me inquire about. I would recommend her to everyone. She is brilliant, so very kind, and gets the job done.
– Judie Schuebel, Coopersburg,PA