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When Does Talking To Strangers Improve Your Business?

When Does Talking To Strangers Improve Your Business?

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When Does Talking To Strangers Improve Your Business?

People choose to become freelancers, contractors or entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. The idea of becoming your own boss, having more control and management of your schedule and time, or realizing your dream of running a unique business that doesn’t currently exist, maybe some of the reasons you would make this choice. And, though you are sure you made the right decision to leave the “traditional office-based 9-5 position where you see your coworkers and staff on a daily bases”, being a solo freelancer may prove to have its lonely moments.

That’s where coworking spaces can prove to be an essential piece to connecting with other like-minded colleagues who share your desire for success – in a non-traditional setting.  Also, the opportunity to learn from other talented professionals who value their autonomy can also manifest in coworking spaces.

The ability you have today to transport your laptops and devices with ease allows you to effectively move out of the traditional office setting and into a space where the synergy and talent of others may be a better match to your own aspirations. Those who gather to work in a similar place offer the gift of collaboration and networking that you do not find in a traditional office. The opportunity to make new friends and build your network is ever present in coworking spaces because new people join and work on various days and times.

Tapping into the advantages of coworking can provide multiple benefits. In addition to the benefits of coworking previously discussed, coworking spaces can also minimize the expenses of starting your own business. Many coworking spaces now offer mail and package delivery services, as well as copy services, which eliminate the need to rent private office space for a contracted time and pay an additional fee for those services. Currently, Per Diem Space offers our coworker and office clients mail delivery, free Wi-Fi, coffee and conference areas.

If you love being a freelancer or entrepreneur but are looking to break out of your comfort zone, or if you are just looking for collaborative opportunities, consider visiting a local coworking space. While there, you may meet a local business owner who is an ideal client, or maybe you would meet someone from whom you can learn a new skill or business wisdom.  You may even meet new people that you otherwise would have never had the opportunity to meet up with unless you took the leap into coworking.


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