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Launching our New Website – how we came to this decision, our journey and hopes for our customers

We want to make your experience better! Visit our new website and see how easy it is to navigate. After being in business for over a year, we decided that it was time to assess all aspects of our business and marketing to determine what was working and what needed improvement. This is a process…
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BCCC start me up challenge

BCCC Start Me Up Challenge – Hear directly from someone in the entrepreneurial trenches

BCCC STARTING NEW VENTURES Save the date! Wednesday, April 11 • 6:30 pm to 8 pm Our very own Michelle Shire will be speaking LIVE at BCCC Start Me Up Challenge! The Live Stream happens on BCCC’s YouTube channel, this Wednesday, April 11 • 6:30 pm to 8 pm http://www.youtube.com/Bucksccc Bucks County Community College’s new…
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The Intelligencer: Per Diem Space in Perkasie launches business consulting program

Local business incubator and collaborative workspace launches new consulting program Friday. Per Diem Space in Perkasie has spent the last year developing a program to help small businesses thrive, and the Small Business in a Box consulting program officially launches Friday. In the simplest terms, the program is a consulting service for small businesses, but…
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Tell Your Company’s Story Through Its Core Values

Tell Your Company’s Story Through Its Core Values Crafting a company’s core values and beliefs take time and dedication, not only by the leaders of the organization but by every employee that works for the organization. These values describe and display the common beliefs and commitments that the organization has made to its employees, but…
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Per diem workspace

Get The Word Out About Your Side Hustle

Soon after Per Diem Workspace opened, we rolled out the concept of having a Pop-Up Shop. What is this concept all about? A pop-up shop is a short-term, temporary retail event that is here today, gone tomorrow. Pop-up retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long-term, lasting impression with potential customers. As…
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When Does Talking To Strangers Improve Your Business?

  When Does Talking To Strangers Improve Your Business? People choose to become freelancers, contractors or entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. The idea of becoming your own boss, having more control and management of your schedule and time, or realizing your dream of running a unique business that doesn’t currently exist, maybe some of the…
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